2 januari 2024


The NSTB aims to maintain contact between all Dutch Student Gymnastics Associations and provide them with information and support. The board deals with various competition regulations, annual planning, guiding competition committees, directing NSTB committees, and contact with the KNGU (Royal Dutch Gymnastics Union) and SSN (Studenten Sport Nederland).

The board also holds a General Members Assembly during each competition weekend. Here the board discusses proposals or changes regarding competition organization, gives information and instruction from the KNGU, and the 11 affiliated associations help each other with all kinds of administrative, social, and training-technical matters around their association.

Current board

Since september 16th 2023, the current board consists of:

  • Daniëlle de Boer – President
  • Marleen Pool – Secretary
  • Tosca Fabriek – Treasurer
  • Marius Schaap – Media/PR

Do you have any questions? We can be reached via email, bestuur.nstb@gmail.com!