3 januari 2024


Without judges, there would be no competitions. And student gymnastics competitions are also a lot more fun, sociable and “crazier” than regular gymnastics competitions. You definitely want to experience that once! We welcome you. Please sign up so we can contact you for future competitions.
At the competitions, modified gymnastics rules apply, drawn up by a subcommittee of the NSTB. However, the ‘normal’ FIG code of points for determining the D-score of the gymnastic elements will apply. The regulations can be found on this page. More general information about student competitions at the NSTB can be found here.

By clicking on the link below, you can choose to sign up for the NSTB judges file. If you are in this file, you will be contacted regarding judging the annual student gymnastics competitions (4 times a year).

Application form for the NSTB jury database

Getting your judge license

Are you interested in judging but do not yet have a jury license? Check here how you can get one if you are in a student gymnastics association. (Note that the judging courses are in Dutch)

Starting in academic year 2023, it will be possible to receive compensation for obtaining your jury license. Student judges who have judged at least 2 NSTB competitions after graduation can submit a claim form to NSTB. They must also provide proof of their (past or current) membership in a student gymnastics association.

*With some student associations there is the possibility of receiving compensation from their sports federation. For this, ask your board about the possibilities.