5 april 2023


Since 2018, the NSTB is part of the KNGU (Koninklijke Nederlandse Gymnastiek Unie)(Royal Dutch Gymnastics Union) again. All NSTB associations have their members registered at the KNGU as non-active member. This non-active membership is free of charge, and ensures that you are insured for liability and accidents through the KNGU. You can also become an active member of the KNGU. This allows you to use various services of the KNGU, for a small annual fee.

Compensation free membership KNGU

Because your membership at the KNGU is free of charge, a small yearly compensation is expected of you. This compensation means that all NSTB associations annually provide volunteers for activities and events of the KNGU. The KNGU has made a registration form for this, which will be updated throughout the year with new activities and events for which students of the associations can sign up. Language won’t be a problem, the KNGU will take it into account when distributing tasks!

Click here for an overview of the events, or immediately sign up as volunteer!

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Active membership KNGU

As active member of the KNGU, you can make use of several services, for instance: participation in KNGU competitions and activities, discounts on trainer courses or refreshment courses, free jury courses, and discount on a board liability insurance. In addition, the KNGU offers support to the boards of the associations with various issues that arise.

KNGU competitions

It’s possible to join KNGU competitions in name of your student gymnastics association! This can be done individually or in teams. Registration for these competitions goes through the NSTB, but it’s the responsibility of the gymnast to provide the correct information. Did you find a competition you want to participate in? Fill in this form, or send an email to the NSTB board.
One condition for participation in KNGU competitions is delivering volunteers. For regular gymnastics associations, this is in the form of jury members, but NSTB associations may also provide volunteers with other functions. Contact the organization of your KNGU competitions for this, and ask where they still need volunteers and where you can supply them.
For questions or commetns about participation in KNGU competitions, you can contact the board.
Note! To participate in KNGU competitions, an active membership is required!

Jury or trainer courses

As soon as you have signed up as an active KNGU member via the NSTB, you will receive a ‘union number’ (bondsnummer). With this number you can register for jury courses for free, and for trainer courses with a discount. This goes through the KNGU.


The current costs for an active membership at the KNGU can be found on the website of the KNGU. The NSTB will send you an annual invoice and/or payment request for this. Costs for competition participation will be invoiced separately, and payment for team competitions will go through your own student gymnastics association.

Become an active member?

To become an active KNGU member, please fill in this form. The board of the NSTB will register you at the KNGU, after which you will receive a ‘union number’ (bondsnummer) from us via email.

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In short: Active member vs Non-active member

As an active member, you pay the KNGU membership and you can participate in, among other things, KNGU competitions. If you choose to participate in these competitions, your club must provide volunteers for this competition.
As non-active member, you do not pay a KNGU membership. You are additionally insured for liability and accidents during training sessions (note: not at competitions). In return, you should volunteer once a year at a KNGU event.