2 januari 2024


NSTB stands for ‘Dutch Students Gymnastics Bond’. This is the coordinating body of all student gymnastics associations in the Netherlands. Its purpose is to enable national student competitions and activities for and by these associations.

Each year there are 4 NSTC’s (Dutch Students Gymnastics Competition) under the flag of the NSTB. These competitions vary between apparatus, jumping, all-around, and even team competitions! There is also an annual NSK (Dutch Student Championships) Meerkamp, under the banner of Studenten Sport Nederland. More information about student gymnastics competitions can be found on this page.

Besides the competitions, there is also an annual beach day and camping weekend for all members of the affiliated associations, to strengthen the sociability between these associations!

Student gymnastics
Several associations from several student cities in the Netherlands are affiliated with the NSTB. More information can be found on this page. To get an impression of what student gymnastics is like at the NSTB you can watch the following video made by Florence van Haack.